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Financial Services

Our financial services division has a long history of successful recruiting across a broad range of financial sectors. Our extensive capabilities enable you to effectively adapt to change and embrace market opportunities as they arise. We work with boutique, middle-market, and bulge brackets firms engaging each client with the understanding that their needs are unique and our services are tailored accordingly. Our staff of experienced and dedicated recruiters takes pride in sourcing “Best in Class” candidates for your critical hires.  For over a decade, our clients have emphasized the importance of developing a diverse work force. In response, we have consistently delivered a slate of qualified diversity professionals.

Our clients include, but are not limited to, Top Tier Private and Commercial Banks, Investment Banks, Investment Management Companies, and Mortgage Banks.

A sampling of completed searches:

Position Location
Global Head of Credit Derivatives U.S.
Regional MD Private Banking U.S.
MD Emerging Markets Global Sales & Trading U.S.
MD Global Transaction Services U.K.
Private Banking Regional MD U.S.
Investment Bankers – Energy Sector, MLPs U.S.
Relationship Managers – Business Banking U.S.
Private Mortgage Bankers U.S.
SVP Credit Risk Management U.K.