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Competitive Intelligence

Our competitive intelligence provides knowledge to our clients. Knowledge is power and it gives our clients the ability to analyze their strengths and weaknesses within specific lines of business relative to their competition. Competitive intelligence reports provide you with current names, titles, phone numbers, and the reporting structures of executive talent within the companies you specify. While the build-out of departments and reporting hierarchy differ from firm to firm, this critical data has helped our clients implement important departmental changes that impact their bottom lines. Clients re-evaluate their current divisional structures with a new perspective and set guidelines for more efficient allocation of executive talent.  Competitive Intelligence may be used as the basis for our clients to engage us on single or multiple search assignments.

Executive Research

Mayer Search utilizes its proprietary research method for every search engagement. In addition, we also give you the option to purchase in-depth research on your selection of target companies as a separate service. We provide spreadsheets that list Name, Company, Title, Contact Info, Data Points and Diversity as requested.

New research is generated for every requisition, as it is the most effective way to accurately identify the precise pool of professionals at target companies that fit the criteria for your open positions. As an independent entity we provide a bridge to talent at competitor firms that would otherwise be inaccessible to our clients. Our networking capability within specific industries has grown substantially over the past twenty six years. This, combined with our expert internet sourcing techniques, allows us to efficiently provide our clients with the most accurate and up-to-date long and short lists of qualified individuals at competitor firms.

You may purchase our research spreadsheets with our organizational maps (below) for a complete competitive intelligence package.

Organizational Mapping

We develop strategic intelligence through mapping of organizational structures at competitor firms. Organizational map’s include Name, Title, Department, and Reporting Hierarchy. Anecdotal information on organizational structures may be provided upon request.

Organizational Map


Fees and Payment Parameters

Client may expand the research scope at any time after the initial agreement